Professional development

Slides from a webinar I gave on how to use a modified Backward Design process to incorporate the frames in curriculum design. 
Contributor: Sheila Stoeckel
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Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed: Framework as a Whole
Discipline(s): Interdisciplinary
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This two-sided handout provides a brief introduction to the Framework and outlines the content and how it can be used.  The expanded definition of information literacy from the Framework document is included, along with the text for all six frames.  Examples of essential questions that can be derived from the frames are also provided.  This handout can be used by librarians for conversations with faculty and for professional development with librarians.
Contributor: Sharon Mader
Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed: Framework as a Whole
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These are materials from a presentation I gave called Flexible Frames for Pedagogical Practice: Using the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education on May 28, 2015, at the Lehigh Valley Chapter of the Pennsylvania Library Association's 2015 Spring Conference. Materials include a blog post from my personal-professional blog, Information Constellation, that provides my slides, notes, reflection, and bibliography; a link to the slides on SlideShare; and the the slides themselves as downloadable files; note that the .pptx file is both editable and includes my presentation notes. The presentation includes a classroom example in which I used the Framework to develop instruction in a First-Year Writing course. Materials are licensed CC-BY-NC.
Contributor: Donna Witek
Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed: Framework as a Whole
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