Intellectual Privacy Workshop [Peer/Professional]

This workshop introduces intellectual privacy and related concepts for academic librarians and higher education professionals. The session is designed to explore the interrelationship between intellectual privacy, surveillance, the chilling effect, open inquiry, and free expression. In lieu of a prescriptive approach, participants analyze readings, case studies, and the Social Cooling infographic to consider how surveillance within the academy and society at-large can impact inquiry and expression. Privacy, the chilling effect, FERPA, and the implications of data capture and surveillance in academic libraries and higher education are considered. Participants collaborate to develop considerations and principles for data use in academic libraries and higher education based on these concepts and case studies. This workshop session scaffolds from the Privacy Workshop [Peer/Professional] and is designed for synchronous or asynchronous delivery.

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Suggested attribution: CC BY-NC-SA Hartman-Caverly, S. & Chisholm, A. (2021). Intellectual privacy workshop lesson plan (peer / professional). [link]