Une feuille d'autoévaluation pour suivre les apprentissages en compétences informationnelles acquises sur le moyen ou le long terme. Elle est ludifiée avec des éléments de mesure de soi, de badge et d'identité de jeune chercheur.A scholarly character sheet for self-assessment about information literacy skills - gamification around quantified self, badging and young researcher identity.
Contributor: Pascal Martinolli
Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed: Framework as a Whole
Tags: WILU2018
Discipline(s): Not Discipline Specific
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This link was an experiment joining a small seminar-style class (LIBR201) with a large lecture class (A/HI271). Ten students registered for both courses. During a Writing Instruction Support retreat that both faculty attended in August 2013, they developed the linked aspect of the course by working through the overarching pedagogical theory driving this particular retreat, the idea of the “threshold concept,” which Dr. Carmen Werder has described as a “discipline-based concept that provides a transformational understanding and entrance to that discipline.” The instructors developed a threshold concept that helped to bind their courses together: “Data are not only textual but also visual and oral; there are data beyond texts.” This concept became the organizing principle for how the Link would function.
Contributor: Sylvia Tag
Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed: Research as InquiryFramework as a Whole
Type of Institution: University
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