Digital Wellness Workshop

The Penn State Berks Privacy Workshop Series focuses on privacy issues for students in the past, present, and future.  The Privacy Workshop spotlights privacy practices and concerns in the current moment; Digital Leadership explores future implications of past and current digital behaviors; Digital Shred provides tools to evaluate and mitigate the damage of past digital behaviors; and Digital Wellness focuses on privacy across the lifespan - bringing together the past, present, & future by finding a balance of technology & wellness, while aligning habits and goals.  Each workshop is grounded in theory – countering approaches that overpromise user control in the face of information asymmetries and the control paradox – and embrace students’ autonomy and agency by avoiding prescribed solutions, and instead encouraging decision-making frameworks.

In the Digital Wellness Workshop, students will be able to:

  1. evaluate & articulate their digital wellness priorities
  2. recognize that their relationship with technology can have real world impact on their personal wellbeing, including relationships, mental health, & professional aspirations
  3. align their online activity & habits within the context of their wellness goals
  4. model constructive online and offline behaviors as individuals, student leaders, and future professionals
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