Lecture Notes Toward a Theory of Everything — Information, Power, and Problems

A discussion and overview of the following ideas
    • Why we see things differently.
    • Why we don’t like to be wrong.
    • Why it is dangerous to question authority.
    • Where we got the letter A.
    • The morbidity of Puritan children’s books.
    • How culture and community impact information.
    • The origin of the political parties in America.
    • How information is dangerous and can be used to disrupt or preserve a social order.


take note of the following terms:
    • cognitive dissonance
    • confirmation bias
    • disconfirmation bias
    • oppositional media hostility
    • propaganda
    • top-down information systems
    • bottom-up information systems
    • public sphere
    • social responsibility theory of journalism
    • objectivity
    • the Fairness Doctrine
    • Net Neutrality


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