AI Literacy Workshop: Evaluation and Detection Tools

Texas Tech University Library’s AI Literacy workshop series developed weekly for spring 2024. Included here are materials related to part 2. This resource can be used as a general starting point for evaluating generative AI.

Additionally, the workshop utilizes Padlet to facilitate discussion for active learning. Sessions can be held online, in-person, or hybrid. These sessions are also for broad appeal, and included faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students in attendance. The Padlets for this session included an evaluative Jeopardy-like game where participants could rate whether they felt a piece of media (text or image) was AI generated or "real," ie, human-made.

Learning objectives for this session included:

Utilize AI detection tools for their courses.

Understand current Texas Tech policies related to AI use in the classroom and within research.

Understand other ways of evaluating AI created materials.


This resource drew on different aspects within the ACRL Framework, including Searching as Strategic Exploration.

Included in the documentation is an outline with discussion questions. There are no slides for this workshop.


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