disciplinary information literacy

Initially developed in early 2018, this three-session workshop series created by instruction librarians is facilitated through the Office of Faculty Excellence at East Carolina University. Participants include classroom faculty and instructors from a wide range of disciplines and fields. Session 1 focuses on information literacy as a broad concept, asks attendees to brainstorm and develop a shared definition of information literacy, and provides a general overview of the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy. Session 2 includes deeper discussion of the Framework and disciplinary culture, with participants reflecting on their own experiences moving from novice to expert in their fields inspired by Miller's Thinking Through Information Literacy In Your Discipline Worksheet. Session 3 is an applied working session in which attendees work through a backward design-based worksheet to design a learning scenario informed by a specific Frame or Frames.
Contributor: Meghan Wanucha
Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed: Framework as a Whole
Discipline(s): Not Discipline Specific
Type of Institution: University
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Students often feel like outsiders in their courses.  Their professors speak a different "language" and have different values.  If scholarship is a "Conversation," students need to grasp what forces and cultures drive scholars within a discipline to converse the way they do.  This slide presentation lays out the main features of disciplinary culture, the basis of all conversations.  If students can learn to "read" disciplines effectively, they will be better able to grasp the nature of conversations as they do their research.
Contributor: William Badke
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Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed: Scholarship as Conversation
Discipline(s): Multidisciplinary
Type of Institution: University
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This workshet is a set of reflective questions based on the six frames which are designed for librarians or disciplinary experts to intentionally reflect on their information literacy practices.
Contributor: Sara D. Miller
Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed: Framework as a Whole
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