Research 101

This Moodle-based course contains five, self-paced lessons and five graded quizzes that progress through the stages of the library research process. There are six, non-graded H5P practice/review activities.

The files are linked below as the One Drive Zipped Course Files.

To see the course as our guest:

Go to

On the left side of the screen, select “Courses”
Select "Student Resources"

Select “Research 101”
Select "Login as a guest" near the bottom of the screen
Enter the Guest access "Password" (all lower case): rcclibrary
Select "Submit"

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Not Discipline Specific

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CC Attribution License CC-BY
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We thank the Virginia Community College System, Paul Lee Professional Development Grant, for funding support of the Tidewater Community College Library project and for creating and sharing this course. We thank Central Carolina Community College Libraries for sharing their H5P activities.