AI Literacy Workshop: AI Art and Images

This session was developed for the Texas Tech University community of faculty, staff, and all students who were interested in the topic from a critical standpoint. This was part 6 in an 8 part series which is discussion based. As such, this workshop may only touch on certain aspects of this technology that was not covered previously while focusing on visual literacy skills. Special attention was given to the ways in which this technology is being used in facial recognition softwares, and the work of Dr. Joy Buolamwini.

Setup Padlet as appropriate using recent news coverage related to academics and social life. Resource is outline of session.


Learning Objectives for this session:

Participants will learn about strengths and weaknesses of AI tools for generating images, photos and art.

Understand issues related to copyright, attribution, and authenticity in AI-generated images and art.

Explore how AI-generated art is used in various industries, such as academic research, advertising, entertainment, and design.

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Jenni Jacobs and Brian Quinn