Get Started with Zotero

With Zotero, you'll never have to stress again about making a properly-formatted bibliography! Zotero makes collecting, organizing, and analyzing your research sources easy. This tutorial will help you navigate the application and offer some neat tips and tricks for utilizing Zotero!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create Zotero Account
  • Organize your Library
  • Generate a bibliography in a chosen citation style (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)

Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed:

Not Discipline Specific
License Assigned: 
CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License CC-BY-NC-SA
Other Attribution Information: 
Authors: Caitlin Meyer, Shannon Roux, Taylor Harper, Mary Tran, Shushanik Stepanyan Contributors: Whitney Arnold, Allison R. Benedetti, Zoe Borovsky, Joanna Chen Cham, Elizabeth Cheney, Robert Freel, Julia Glassman, Janet Goins, Robert Gore, Leigh Harris, Juan Jaime, Diana L. King, Kelly Kistner, Simon Lee, Nina Mamikunian, Scott Martin, Bethany Meyers, Annie Pho, Miriam Posner, Kian Ravaei, Alicia Reiley, Renee Romero, Annelie Rugg, Erin Sanders, Doug Worsham