#follow: Ethical Reflections on Influencers & Marketing Tactics

Powerpoint to accompany social media influencer/business information literacy activity, exploring roles and responsibilities of consumers and content creators, debates regarding influencer marketing tactics and misleading advertisements, and ways to distinguish sponsored content. Created by Mia Wells and Laureen Cantwell. Accompanies chapter "Bad Influence: Disinformation and Ethical Considerations of Influencer Marketing Campaigns on Social Media Platforms," from the book Teaching About Fake News: Lesson Plans for Different Disciplines and Audiences (Eds.: Benjes-Small, C. M., Wittig, C., & Oberlies, M. K.; 2021; ACRL).


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Chapter and learning activity by: Mia Wells (Lippincott Library, UPenn) and Laureen Cantwell (Tomlinson Library, Colorado Mesa University)