AI Literacy Workshop Prompt Engineering

This is an outline of a session created for the Texas Tech University for the AI Literacy at Lunchtime series, currently running during the spring 2024 semester. This session relies on a powerpoint presentation of Dr. Leo Lo's CLEAR framework and two Padlets:

  • 1. for sharing the prompts and generative outputs
  • 2. for the discussion questions listed.

This session was approximately 1 hour long.

This series is discussion based with undergraduates, graduates, faculty and staff participating in the session, but can be adapted.

Learning Objectives for this session:

  • Understand the basics of prompt engineering.
  • Create their own prompts for generative AI chatbots like Gemini or ChatGPT.
  • Create their own prompts for AI image generators like Midjourney, DALL-E or Hotpot
  • Understand the biases inherent in this technology

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Jenni Jacobs and Brian Quinn