Reflective Teaching Form

This Google Form can be used for you to track information about your instruction in one-shot and embedded information literacy sessions.  Reflecting upon your current instruction is a critical step in becoming a more effective information literacy instructor.  This form will allow you to track class information (e.g. professor, number of students, date of instruction, length of instruction), general feedback on the session (e.g. what worked well, what could have gone better), lesson planning details (e.g. which ACRL Frames were incorporated, what tools were used for assessment, when assessment was implemented), and findings from your assessment.  You can generate a Google Sheet to view all your entries, returning to past entries and reflections when you teach similar content or classes in the future to remember what aspects worked well and what you might want to change to have a more successful session.

To use this form, create a copy to your Google Drive, which will allow you to tweak, add, or remove questions so that you can tailor the form for your own reflections on your teaching practice.  

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