Evaluating Internet Sources: Climate Change

Following a face-to-face library instruction session, students are assigned a short paper in which they select two [web] sources from a list and evaluate them using specific criteria (i.e. currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose). A real-life scenario is presented and real sources are provided from the first pages of Google search results. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will construct various search phrases for use in online search tools
  • Students will use certain evaluation criteria (e.g. CRAAP) to assess the credibility of online sources
  • Students will examine sources for relevance to their research question and search need (specifically, to determine credibility of claims)

Materials include: 

  • Full lesson - description, sequenced instruction (i.e. outline), and performance task
  • Assignment 
  • Assignment with suggested answer key
  • Rubric 
  • CRAAP handout 

Resource Type(s):

Not Discipline Specific
License Assigned: 
CC Attribution License CC-BY