EDU 100/300 - Contexts of Education

EDU 100 / 300: Contexts of Education is a required course in the undergraduate Education program at the University of Alberta; EDU 300 is for after degree students. Students submit a research paper (library assignment) related to a current educational issue in Canada. For this assignment they need to locate at least four different sources: two sources must be articles from peer-reviewed academic journals, the remaining two sources may include additional peer-reviewed articles, books, book chapters, professional education-related journals (trade journals), newspaper articles, videos, etc. The original lesson plan was designed by Debbie Feisst and was taught with some modifications by various librarians at the H.T. Coutts Education Library.  Although emphasis is on the following two frames: Authority is Constructed and Contextual, Information Creation as a process, a mapping document has been included to illustrate where other frames are addressed throughout the lesson.

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Original lesson plan and framework map by Debbie Feisst