Smita Avasthi

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Santa Rosa Junior College
Smita Avasthi has been a librarian at Santa Rosa Junior College, Southwestern Oregon Community College, the University of Washington, and the Seattle Public Libraries. She has worked as an English instructor at Portland Community College, Portland State University, and the University of Oregon. She has taken courses in instructional design and statistics for librarians.
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Resources Contributed

This document includes SLOs with performance indicators. After each indicator is a rubric to explain what would be considered excellent, acceptable, developing, or confused work for each indicator. It can be used for a course or program.
This rubric is based upon a set of learning outcomes for an information literacy course. Each outcome includes specific performance indicators. The rubric has 4 categories for evaluation: excellent, acceptable, developing, and confused. This rubric could also be used on the program level.
This is a map to the current course outline for a 1-unit information literacy class to a proposed course outline that embeds all of the frames.
This is a draft of the revised course outline for a one-unit information literacy course. Due to our curriculum process, it includes broad outcomes followed by more specific performance indicators. There is also the "Topics and Scope" which specifies content more explicitly. It could also be used at the program level.