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Resources Contributed

This rubric was designed for use with a Freshmen-level information literacy instruction one-shot. The faculty member required that students select one empirical research article to support their research paper for the course. The information literacy session specifically went over crafting research questions, understanding emprical research, bias, study design, etc. Students were shown how to search for quantitative and qualtiative research and to recognize identifiers of empirical research using an article's abstract. Once the assignment was completed the course instructor shared the...
This rubric was created to evaluate student resource choice for their research papers after a library session. The rubric keeps the scope of ACRL's Framework in mind, while focusing on evalautive criteria students' would be taught to implement in their research inquiries during an information literacy session. The rubric consists of four categories: begining, emerging, developing and proficient, which allow for clear delineations of students' sophistication in conducting research.