How do I search for resources in the Sandbox?

You can search for resources in the Sandbox by clicking on the RESOURCES search tab in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and using the search box in that tab.

The RESOURCES search box searches the following fields in resource records: Resource Title, Contributor First Name, Contributor Last Name, Description of Resource, Resource Type(s), Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed, Discipline(s), Type of Institution, Scope, Tags, and License Assigned.

You can also use phrase searching (i.e., using quotation marks around search phrases) in the RESOURCES search box. The exception to this is searching by Contributor name: for this, you can search by Contributor First Name, by Contributor Last Name, or by Contributor First Name followed by Contributor Last Name (without quotation marks).

In addition to searching for resources, you can browse resources in the Sandbox