How do I browse resources in the Sandbox?

To browse the resources in the Sandbox, visit the Browse Resources page by clicking on “Resources” in the toolbar of options along the top of the page, just under the name of the website.

At the top of this Browse Resources page are a series of filters that can be used to filter resources in the Sandbox according to different criteria. The filters allow you to filter based on selections made by contributors in the following resource metadata fields: Resource Type(s), Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed, Discipline(s), Type of Institution, Scope, and License Assigned.

To filter resources, use the drop-down menu for each resource metadata field to select the criteria by which you wish to filter, and then click APPLY.

On the Browse Resources page and in results that appear after applying filter(s), resources are listed in reverse chronological order of when they were contributed to the Sandbox.

In addition to browsing for resources, you can search for resources in the Sandbox.

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