How do I contribute a resource?

  1. You have to have an account to contribute a resource; see “How do I create a contributor account?” for steps to create an account.

  2. Log into your account.

  3. In the YOUR RESOURCES box, click on “Contribute a Resource”.

  4. Fill out the form, which requests the following information: Title (*required); Description of Resource (*required); Resource Materials: Attachments (optional) and Links (optional); Resource Type(s) (*required); Information Literacy Frame(s) Addressed (*required); Discipline(s) (*required); Type of Institution (*required); Scope (*required); Tags (optional); License Assigned (default of “All Rights Reserved” or choice of CC license options); Additional Contributors (optional); Other Attribution Information (optional)

  5. Click on SAVE at the bottom of the page.

See “What do the resource metadata fields mean?” for more information about the fields on the Contribute a Resource form.

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