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Trinity Western University
British Columbia, Canada

I have been an information librarian and author for more than three decades. Author of Research Strategies: Finding your Way through the Information Fog, and Teaching Research Processes: The Faculty Role in the Development of Skilled Student Researchers.

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Resources Contributed

Many students in higher education, even in graduate school, begin as outsiders when they encounter disciplines related to their courses.  Their professors are the experts.  They are not.  The terminology, literature, and even cultures of these disciplines form barriers to participation.  Disciplinary enculturation is the process by which students become active participants within disciplines rather than outsiders trying to look over disciplinary walls.Disciplines need to be seen as "communities of practice"* rather than as repositories of knowledge.  As such...
This undergraduate course, offered online, combines the concepts of scholarship and information literacy in a set of five modules with instructions, guided tasks and assignments.  The course lies within an adult education Bachelor of Arts in Leadership (Trinity Western University).
Students often feel like outsiders in their courses.  Their professors speak a different "language" and have different values.  If scholarship is a "Conversation," students need to grasp what forces and cultures drive scholars within a discipline to converse the way they do.  This slide presentation lays out the main features of disciplinary culture, the basis of all conversations.  If students can learn to "read" disciplines effectively, they will be better able to grasp the nature of conversations as they do their research.
A Prezi presentation that details the threshold concepts of the Framework as a description of how scholars (and developing scholars) do research.