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Moraine Valley Community College

Resources Contributed

This list of locally developed, class-level learning outcomes are part of an ongoing project to develop shared resources among the MVCC librarians to encourage the integration of the Framework into our practice. This resource identifies a Frame and Knowledge Practice, the related local learning outcome, and in many cases, a lesson plan, idea, or activity. We are in the process of adding assessment ideas to this list, and we will continue to develop and add learning outcomes related to each of the Frames.

Additional Resources Contributed

These are resources this contributor has been tagged on as an Additional Contributor to the resource.
This lesson plan uses Kevin Seeber's process cards and our newly created set of process cards that focus on news sources.  In the activities using the process cards, our students were able to define and contextualize different types of information resources, including news sources.  The tranfer and apply assessment used to close the session provides an opportunity for the students to think about how they would integrate these types of information into coursework, the workplace, and their personal lives.