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Rhonda Huisman is the Library Director at Marian University. Her research and publications include instructional design, assessment, first-year experience, and project-based learning, as well as “library as place” in student engagement. Rhonda serves as a facilitator for the Standards for Libraries in Higher Education, and as a faculty member for the ACRL Immersion program.
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This matrix was developed as a result of conversations with the writing department faculty, FYS coordinator, and general education committee.  I condensed the language of the Framework as well as the learner/dispositions, and led the workshop with faculty and librarians on how to begin to look at their specific courses as well as across the program on how they might incorporate the FW at each level, for each course, and drill down to the classroom instruction, partnering with the librarian on activities, assessment, and outcomes. More work and a journal publication about this process and...
Discovery of resources related to a topic, or the beginning stages of determining a research question. Students can use this organizer to answer critical questions about searching for resources as well as share with peers in this process, seeking input in critical/essential questions, search terms,  or authors.Possible Learning Outcomes (Authority is Constructed and Contextual):Define different types of authority through research/literature review, based on societal position, subject expertise, or special experienceUse research tools and indicators of authority to determine the...