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kYmberly Keeton is a writer, academic librarian, and creative mixologist. The academic librarian received her M.L.S degree in May 2014 from the University of North Texas. She designed the first Hip Hop Information Literacy course at Lincoln University Missouri, now housed under the Library Science minor. In Fall 2016, Keeton created and published an online Hip Hop Lib Guide for novice, intermediate, skilled, and life-long learners. Keeton is an 2016 ALA Emerging Leader Alumni, 2016 ACRL Assessment in Action Alumnus, and was featured as the ACRL Member of the Week in November 2016. The artistic librarian recently was nominated and appointed to the ACRL (FAB) Framework for Information Literacy Advisory Board.
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Resources Contributed

The Hip Hop LibGuide is a scholarly comprehensive online resource about Hip Hop Information Literacy and the artform in general. The libguide has been developed to engage novice, intermediate, and skilled learners that are interested in learning more about the culture, social issues, and artistic components of Hip Hop.
The Hip Information Literacy Curriculum is a blueprint created to help facilitate a collaborative partnership between faculty and students, by providing the necessary research tools and knowledge practices for a scholarly academic writing career and environment.