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Metadata coordinator by title, information literacy advocate at heart, I have worked as a librarian in several STEM-focused university and government settings over the past 10 years. In the past, I've worked as a language arts teacher, interpretive park ranger, historian, and writing composition instructor. I like to sing and dance with my young daughter and watch sci-fi with my partner in my off-time.
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Resources Contributed

Designed for an upper-division petroleum engineering seminar, this lesson attempts to use the frame "Information has value" to illuminate the process of discovering and retrieving scholarly information.  The lesson was more successful when delivered to early-stage graduate students in the petroleum engineering department.
Drawing on the frames "Scholarship as conversation" and "Information creation as a process," this lesson was created for students in a university-wide freshman success seminar.  An instruction librarian and writing faculty collaborated to create the lesson under the auspices of the university's Center for Academic Services and Advising, which coordinates the seminar.