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Rice University
Jacob Herrmann is the Assistant Director of the Center for Academic and Professional Communication (CAPC) at Rice University. He holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from The University of Kansas. Jacob has been working in writing centers since 2012, previously serving as a Graduate Consultant, Administrative Intern, and Workshop Coordinator. His research interests include Freshman composition, writing center theory and practice, and LGBTQ+ identity politics, as well as maintaining an interest in medieval and early modern literature. Jacob’s publications include “Brave/r Spaces vs. Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ in the Writing Center: Theory and Practice at the University of Kansas” in The Peer Review: Journal for Writing Center Practitioners (2017).
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Resources Contributed

This PowerPoint and associated learning activity accompany "Chapter 20: Mediated Lives: A Cultural Studies Perspective to Discussing “Fake-News” with First-Year College Students" in Teaching About Fake News: Lesson Plans for Diverse Disciplines and Audiences (2021).  In this lesson, students learn about mediation, fake news, and how internet content is catered to specific demographics of social media users.  In the activity to follow, students create their own clickbait headlines for multiple imagined audiences.