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Cabrini University
Student Success and Outreach Librarian at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, previously at Cabrini University as Information Literacy Librarian and Coordinator.
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This chart is the result of a partnership between campus Writing Coordinator,  First Year Seminar Coordinator, and myself (Information Literacy Coordinator) to create a customizable assignment structure for our first year seminar class. It offers a template for integrating information literacy into the course and links threshold concepts of writing composition to the Framework. Composition threshold concepts are those outlined by Kassner and Wardle (2015) Naming What We Know: Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies.
This lesson asks students to create their own visual representations of the research process and introduces them to the idea of research as a circular process rather than linear. Learning Outcomes: Students understand research as a non-linear process of explorationStudents acquire strategies for moving through the research process effectively Students plan for successful completion of research assignments
This lesson starts with a simple question: "Who knows the most about (topic of your choice)?" In my experience doing this lesson with first year students, a majority of students will identify personal experience as knowing the "most" at the outset. It is common for them to say something along the lines of: No one understands what it’s like to be homeless more than someone who has been through it. Starting from that firm conviction, this lesson is designed to help students think about different ways of “knowing” and what secondary sources (particularly scholarly) are able to accomplish in...
A one-shot or seminar class on fake news tied to source evaluation. Examination of the factors at play in the creation of misinformation; insight into how to select sources; tools and strategies for evalutating content of stories, authors, and news outlets.