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Resources Contributed

Vetting Sources:An exercise that teaches ChatGPT’s limitations. This exercise empowers students to verify the information AI generates, fostering responsible AI use.Ask ChatGPT to generate a list of 4 academic sources on a topic of your choice, and then evaluate the credibility and usability of those sources.Now answer:What is the topic you chose?What 4 citations were generated? (Paste the citations here)THEN complete the following:1. Are the citations actually real? Does such a journal/website/book exist? State which are not real and which are real. State whether any website used in a real...
A step-by-step lesson plan for an activity that addresses three frameworks and produces an asset, the infographic, the student-creators can use again, if they wish. It alerts students to authoritative data from the U.S. Census bureau. It can be useful for a one-shot session in the IL101 classroom or a library workshop introduction to visual literacy and presentation of data.
A 7 minute tutorial on step-by-step tips on using the Thesaurus feature of the PsycArticles database found in ProQuest Central.