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SUNY Purchase College
New York
I am the Coordinator of Reference Services at Purchase College Library. I am also an instruction librarian and the subject liaison for Anthropology, Gender Studies, Languages, and Sociology. My research interests include: slow assessment, virtual reference, critical information literacy.
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Resources Contributed

This hands-on activity was piloted as part of a teach-in on fake news at Purchase College, SUNY. To convey the idea that “fake news” exists on a continuum, we did a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey activity using a blank version of Vanessa Otero’s Media Bias chart. The chart is a useful tool for showing the nuances between nonfactual, biased, and inflammatory news sources. Participants are asked to research a news media organization and decide where to place it on the chart, then compare their choices to Otero's original infographic. Two groups can also compare their choices to each other. The...