How can I host a Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox Upload-a-thon at my institution?


  • Set a date, time, and venue for the event. 
  • Thirty minutes to one hour is recommended. 
  • Arrange refreshments if being held in person. 
  • Determine a way to collect metrics on participant activity. 
  • Determine if computers will be provided at the venue, or if individuals will be bringing/using their own equipment. 
  • Send communication inviting people to participate in the upload-a-thon. Ask for an RSVP if large numbers are anticipated.

Account Set Up

  • Review instructions on ACRL Framework Sandbox Infographic.
  • Distribute the ACRL Framework Sandbox Infographic and ask participants to follow instructions and set up accounts ahead of time.

Hosting an Upload-a-thon

  • Greet/welcome participants.
  • Establish goals for the group (e.g. every participant will upload 3 instructional materials to the Sandbox).
  • Demonstrate one deposit to the Sandbox and answer any questions.
  • Document the experience with photos or reactions from participants.
  • Thank participants.