evidence-based medicine

”Evidence Based Optometry" is a research guide that supports the Clinical Reasoning classes at the New England College of Optometry. The tutorial is sectioned off by class year. The OD1 section covers how to find professionally appropriate information, evaluate information found through Google, and identify study designs. OD2 provides information on creating a differential diagnosis using evidence-based medicine. The OD3 section re-visits the appraisal process of vetting scientific articles and demystifies the steps involved in reading a scientific study. The section for the students' final year, OD4, contains information on how to access resources after graduation and apply evidence-based optometry in clinic rotations. The research guide emphasizes the “Authority is Constructed and Contextual” frame by including a health information-focused CRAAP test and the evidence pyramid. It also emphasizes the “Research as Inquiry” frame as students learn how to craft background and foreground questions.
Contributor: Melissa Lydston
Resource Type(s): Tutorial
Discipline(s): Health
Type of Institution: University
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